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Tinos Island

At Tinos Resort we want to give you a complete accommodation experience so we make suggestions of experiences you should not miss on our island! Explore the island according to the type of your trip, your company and your preferences. Whatever season you are in Tinos, the sure thing is that you will live different experiences that will reward you for choosing it for your vacation in the best way possible!


Easter in Tinos

If you are lucky and you are in Tinos on Holy Week, then it is definitely worth attending some of the peaceful overnight vespers. On Good Friday the procession of the epitaphs in the port will impress you, especially that of Agios Nikolaos which takes place in the sea. Also, on Holy Saturday morning the processions continue, while on the night of the Resurrection all the faithful gather at the Port. On Easter Sunday, wherever you are, it is worth trying local recipes of the island at the Easter table.


Panagia Tinou or Evaggelistiria

The Church of Annunciation (Panagia Tinou or Evaggelistiria) is one of the most important religious centers of Orthodoxy worldwide.

It is also the most frequent pilgrimage destination within Greece. The island of Tinos is inextricably linked to the Church of Virgin Mary (Panagia).

Whoever has the experience of visiting it, can understand how deep is the relationship between Tinians and the church.


Archaeological Museum of Tinos

The Archaeological Museum of Tinos was built in the 1960s at the expense of the Archaeological Society, on the main road of Chora leading to the church of Our Lady of the Annunciation (Panagia). Until today, the architectural structure is kept intact, with the museological data of that era bringing up interesting and “nostalgic” memories.


Sightseeing & History

The establishment and expansion of Temple of Poseidon & Amfitriti dates from the period of domination of the Macedonians in the Cyclades (4th century BC). The sanctuary gaining nationwide fame and culminating in the 3rd century was a magnet for pilgrims. Museum of Icons & Religious Relics - its exhibition of icons includes icons from churches of Tinos and other areas. The oldest Icons of the exhibition are those of “Panagia Perivleptos” (14th c.) and “Panagia Galaktoforousa” (15th c.).



Tinos island in Greece may be famous for the Panagia church and its temples, but it also has wonderful beaches! Other organized, with beach bar, suitable for families and others more secluded, the island has so many beaches that you will definitely find what suits you! We suggest you visit Kionia, Agios Fokas, Agios Sostis, Livada, Pachia Ammos and Kardiani. Kolimbithra beach is one of the famous beaches of Tinos and is divided into two parts, Mikri and Megali Ammos. One beach is organized with sunbeds and the other is quieter. Both beaches are sandy and are ideal for water sports enthusiasts as you can try surfing. Beach Volleyball tournaments are also organized from time to time in Mikri Ammos.


Traditional Villages

In Tinos there are countless traditional villages and settlements that will steal your heart! The blue and white Cyclades colors, the blooming bougainvillea flowers, the traditional architecture and the picturesque alleys move every visitor. Our favorite villages in Tinos for endless walks and tours are Volakas, Pyrgos, Dyo Choria, Kardiani and Platia.