Welcome to Tinos Resort

Welcome  at Tinos Resort Hotel 4*
Our hotel is located at the capital of Tinos, called Chora (square of St  Charalampos), it is closed to the new port of the island and to an organized beach.

The distance from the port and organized beach is only 5 minutes on foot and  only 10 minutes on foot, from the centre of the city enabling you to be at the heart of entertainment. At Tinos Resort you are able to enjoy a comfortable accommodation in the luxurious suites, plenty of resting and dew of our swimming pool.

The hotel consists of 6 suites of unique decoration and surface, giving you the ability of choice on the style and attitude of your vacation. The majority of them have the advantage of the magnificent and dazzling view of the Aegean sea and the remaining of the suites have the spectacular view of a Tinian Cycladic landscape to offer.
The diversity of your staying at Tinos Resort, is ensured with brand name furniture of famous fashion galleries both in the field of decoration and lifestyle, unique pieces (antiques), deriving from personal collection and maintained at excellent condition. Paintigs created by famous artists, handmade  Venetian MURANO lamps   and other particularly items of good taste compose that image, which guarantees the relaxation and calmness of your vacation.
The special and absolutely private spaces, the excellent organization and the experience, illustrate TINOS RESORT as the ideal choice for memorable and remarkable vacation and even for your special moments such as wedding and baptism ceremony.